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You can enjoy all the different hair services in a relaxing atmosphere. There are several hair care services available to keep you ignited. A complete list can be booked on Pebbles' styleseat.


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A common hair loss solution for men & women experiencing any type of hair loss such as Thinning Hair, Baldness, Alopecia or Cancer treatments; Chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Non-Surgical hair replacement consists of Custom cranial prosthesis hair system added to existing hair or scalp to give the appearance of a natural fuller head of hair. This undetectable unit is customized for client special needs and appears as if the hair is growing naturally from scalp.

Hair Loss
There are numerous causes of hair loss:
• Male/Female Pattern Baldness
• Alopecia (various forms) Areta, Traction, Andrgenetic, Post Partum, etc.
• Stress
• Medications (Cancer Treatments) Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy
• Over Processed Hair
• Medical Conditions