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Salon & Hair Loss Clinic

"Where Beauty, Relaxation, & Well-Being Becomes Harmony"

You work hard, so treating yourself isn't  out of the question. In fact, it might be exactly what you need to let go of the week′€™s stress and put a smile on your face. Amazing transformation happens when beauty, relaxation, and well-being becomes harmony; it allows our staff to "Ignite The Beauty In You!'

The Beauty of a Salon, Makeup & Hair Restoration 

The Salon

Dedicated to healthy hair, nonsurgical hair replacement and trendy style, P.Dion Beauty is far more than your typical hair salon. From the hair services and cosmetics to the atmosphere, our staff goes all out to ensure your visit is amazing and that you leave happy.

A full service Hair Clinic that offer nonsurgical hair replacement, hair restoration, and hair repair treatment plans for those experiencing damage and breakage; while offering the ultimate in personal style.

Hair Loss & Restoration

P.Dion Beauty's Hair Clinic offers a full range of hair loss services for those who are experiencing hair thinning, shedding, breakage, hair loss and alopecia. Our treatment plan is determined by scheduling a consultation with one of hair loss specialist for a Hair and Scalp Analysis.

A medical salon offering hair replacement and hair loss solutions by using a holistic approach.


Our FireStarter Collection put us on the map. A creamy delicious long wearing range of colors and formulated in a cream and ultimate long-wear matte. Our lippies contain vitamin E for its soothing and healing properties.  We have colors ranging from the sheerest naked to the brightest bold.

Things to Know

We have a private suite for clients privacy. 

We currently work by appointments, however same day appointments are available. 

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About Us

Our Story in Beauty

It’s not enough to have comfortable chairs, good lighting, and variety of services. As a beauty salon and hair loss clinic, it’s about building relationships, personality and service, and we at P.Dion Beauty have plenty to go around. Since 2011, we have worked hard to build a reputation and one of the best salons around. And all our hard work and commitment to our customers is paying off – you can see it in our salon, see it in our employees, and tell by our popularity.

As a Hair Loss Practitioner I am committed to giving the best holistic approach to hair loss solutions.

Pebbles Dion

Certified Hair Loss Practitioner, Certified Non Surgical Hair Replacement Specialist,  License Cosmetologist, License Cosmetology Educator, Extensions Expert & Platform Artist

Passionate about personal style, Pebbles is more than the owner of P.Dion Beauty, LLC, She is the lead stylist and chief communicator – making sure everyone that comes through the door or calls knows they are appreciated. It’s her mission to ensure the team keeps pace with what is going on in the world of beauty and to challenge them to reach their potential.


Hair Care Services

You can enjoy all the different hair services in a relaxing atmosphere. There are several hair care services available to keep you ignited and several packages available to keep your hair healthy. Below is a list of some of the services we offer, however please keep in mind this the starting price as density and length will cause an increase.

Shampoo Style ................    $45   

Silk Press           ................    $60

Women's Cut    ................    $30

Relaxer Retouch    ..........    $75

Hydration Treatment    ..... $30

Smoothing Treatment  .....  $230

Single Process Color    ....... $105

Hair Replacement Services

A common hair loss solution for men & women experiencing any type of hair loss such as Thinning Hair, Baldness, Alopecia or Cancer treatments; Chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Non-Surgical hair replacement consists of Custom cranial prosthesis hair system added to existing hair or scalp to give the appearance of a natural fuller head of hair. This undetectable unit is customized for client special needs and appears as if the hair is growing naturally from scalp.

Toppers (Men & Women) Unit  ...$500

Cranial Prosthesis     ........ Consultation

Hair Extension Services

Hair extensions is protective styling hair solution for clients wanting to give there natural hair a break. There are several options available and below is a list of some of the services we offer.  Please keep in mind these are starting prices as density and length will cause an increase. We recommend a standard consultation.

Traditional Sew In ................        $125

Lace Closure Sew In  ................    $150

Preloop Crochet Weaving ........   $ 85

Quick Weaving (bonding).............$ 75

Microlink & Microbead Luxury Services

Microlink Strand by Strand  Hair Extensions are placed in the hair by connecting strands of  pre tip hair to your existing hair using little aluminum or copper rings/beads lined in silicone. This is a luxury service and require more maintenance than most hair extensions.  An alternative would be microlink wefts also known as braidless or threadless method installs. A consultation is required.

Microlink Weft "Braidless"........    $250

Microbead I-tip   .............. $650 & up

Online Booking

If you experience issues with booking online, please call 980.858.9053

Hair Replacement

We know that customers who experience Hair Loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy is a personal service therefore we have a private salon suite to service customers. . Our Non Surgical Hair Replacement Center offers such hair weaving services as Full Lace Wig Installation, Cranial Prosthesis for patients going through Chemotherapy or alopecia, Custom Wig making, Sew In Weaving, Micro link Weave, Quick Weave, Invisible Part Weaving, Lace Frontal, Net Weave, Crochet Braiding, Toppers & Bonding Hair Weaving. To schedule a consultation with one of our Weave Specialists contact us at 980-858-9053.

 non-surgical hair replacement is created depending on your exact specifications, based upon your desires, expectations, and customized to your specific lifestyle.


Many insurance companies will pay for hair cranial prosthesis for patients diagnosed with cancer or certain alopecia. Our salon have experience with the process to help you the client.

Hair Restoration

helps restore your own hair using our unique approach.

P.Dion offers two non-surgical hair replacement & restoration options depending on your hair loss needs. Using real hair, our solutions look and feel natural.

Our Approach

We at P. Dion Beauty have adopted a holistic approach to our hair restoration program - take into consideration what your hair needs internally as well as externally to look and feel its best.  We developed this treatment program for serious hair and scalp conditions ranging from genetic and nutritional related hair loss, alopecia areata to psoriasis, severe scaling and flaking of the scalp. However, treatments are also available for cosmetic damage such as very dry, damaged and overly-processed hair. During consultation we always take into account your medical history and diet - addressing underlying factors as well as the immediate appearance of your hair.

The Program

We use custom treatment plans, clinically tested and proven hair care products that aids in hair regrowth, healthy hair styling and vitamins for the journey of recovery. This program requires a home treatment regimen of continued use of the follicle growth products. Supplements and other additions may be recommended to increase success.

Our 12-Week hair restoration programs have proven efficacy for men and women with the following hair loss conditions:

•Male Pattern Baldness
•Female Pattern Baldness
•Thinning Hair
•Broken & Damaged Hair
•Alopecia Areata (results vary)
•Traction Alopecia
Consultation will determine the full treatment plan and may involve additional recommendations, such as dermatologist, endocrinologists, dietician, nutritionist, ect. 

To find out more about our approach to hair care call 980-858-9053 to schedule a consultation.


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