We know that customers who experience Hair Loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy are a personal service therefore we have a private salon suite to service customers. 

Hair Replacement

  Our Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Center offers such hair weaving services as Full Lace Wig Installation, Cranial Prosthesis for patients going through chemotherapy or alopecia, Custom Wig making, Sew In Weaving, Micro link Weave, Quick Weave, Invisible Part Weaving, Lace Frontal, Net Weave, Crochet Braiding, Toppers & Bonding Hair Weaving. To schedule, a consultation with one of our Weave Specialists contacts us at 980-858-9053.


Many insurance companies will pay for hair cranial prosthesis for patients diagnosed with cancer or certain alopecia. Our salon have experience with the process to help you the client.

Hair & Scalp Restoration

Our Approach

We at P. Dion Beauty have adopted a holistic approach to our hair restoration program - take into consideration what your hair needs internally as well as externally to look and feel its best.  We developed this treatment program for serious hair and scalp conditions ranging from genetic and nutritional related hair loss, alopecia areata to psoriasis, severe scaling, and flaking of the scalp. However, treatments are also available for cosmetic damage such as very dry, damaged, and overly-processed hair. During consultation, we always take into account your medical history and diet - addressing underlying factors as well as the immediate appearance of your hair.

The Program

We use custom treatment plans, clinically tested and proven hair care products that aids in hair regrowth, healthy hair styling and vitamins for the journey of recovery. This program requires a home treatment regimen of continued use of follicle growth products. Supplements and other additions may be recommended to increase success in our programs.

Our 12-Week hair restoration programs have proven efficacy for men and women with the following hair loss conditions:

•Male Pattern Baldness
•Female Pattern Baldness
•Thinning Hair
•Broken & Damaged Hair
•Alopecia Areata (results vary)
•Traction Alopecia

•Seborrhebic dermatitis

  • Dry Scalp &dandruff

The consultation will determine the full treatment plan and may involve additional recommendations, such as dermatologists, endocrinologists, dieticians, nutritionists, etc. 

To find out more about our approach to hair care call 980-858-9053